When plans change

In December 2020 we were meant to meet my parents in Croatia. We had planned a two day layover in Istanbul to see the city before meeting them. But then a pandemic changed the shape of the world, and we had to postpone. We made this decision in October 2020 and new bookings were made straight away. Not for one moment did I think that Croatia would remain closed to vaccinated tourists unless they were prepared to quarantine. And given how long Turkey had remained accessible to non vaccinated people I thought they would maintain the status quo. But in October the writing was on the wall so to speak. As a family we decided to change our plans and travel to Austria and Slovenia. Dave and I also cancelled our layover in Istanbul. Turkey had been closed to all foreign travellers, unless they were in transit. Yesterday Turkey changed their policy and have re-opened their borders. Dave and I will now have to decide whether to try and change our flights for the upteenth time. But before we can even do that we need to see what is going to happen in Austria. They have just entered a ten-day lockdown for all people who have not been vaccinated. My Passport is still at the Embassy in Pretoria which means a decision about granting a Visa has not yet been made. And until we know more about what Austria have decided we cannot make any more changes.